Monday, November 30, 2015

Dreams of the Moon now published in the Deluge anthology

Very pleased to announce my short story, Dreams of the Moon, has been published in a fascinating collection of speculative fiction, Deluge: Stories of Survival and Tragedy in the Great Flood. 

17 authors share their alternative visions of one of history's most popular legends - The Great Flood. These stories re-envision the great flood from a speculative fiction perspective, introducing new characters struggling for survival against the worst natural disaster to ever plague mankind. Not only will you meet introductory characters, but you'll see weird creatures rising up from the deep, challenging these characters in ways that a divine God can't.

My story chronicles the actions of the Angel of Death, Sariel, after the fall of Eden, perhaps a departure from the Great Flood theme, but included by the editor, Allen Taylor, nonetheless.

The collection includes stories from: Alex S. Johnson (Author), AmyBeth Inverness (Author), John Vicary (Author), JD DeHart (Author), Lorina Stephens (Author), E.S. Wynn (Author), Carl Conrad (Author), Anne Carly Abad (Author), Frank Sawielijew (Author), Allen Taylor (Editor)

Deluge releases November 30, 2015 in digital format through Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo. The print edition is forthcoming. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Strangers Among Us anthology

Received notification from the good people at Laksamedia regarding the forthcoming release of the anthology, Strangers Among Us, in which my short story, The Intersection, appears.

Very pleased to be sharing the table of contents of this worthy offering of speculative fiction with a remarkable cast of writers, and chuffed to my toes to have my name appear with dear friend and colleague, Robert Runte.

The anthology will be available in print and digital formats as of August 8, 2016, and launches at When Words Collide this August 12-14.

The table of contents:

Foreword:  Lucas K. Law 
Introduction: Julie E. Czerneda 
The Culling: Kelley Armstrong 
Dallas's Booth:  Suzanne Church 
What Harm: Amanda Sun 
How Objects Behave on the Edge of a Black Hole:  A.C. Wise 
Washing Lady's Hair: Ursula Pflug 
The Weeds and The Wildness: Tyler Keevil 
Living in Oz: Bev Geddes 
I Count The Lights: Edward Willett 
The Dog and The Sleepwalker: James Alan Gardner 
Carnivores: Rich Larson 
Tribes: A.M. Dellamonica 
Troubles: Sherry Peters 
Frog Song: Erika Holt 
Wrath of Gaia: Mahtab Narsimhan 
Songbun: Derwin Mak 
What You See (When the Lights Are Out):  Gemma Files 
The Age of Miracles:  Robert Runté 
Marion's War: Hayden Trenholm 
The Intersection: Lorina Stephens 
Afterword:  Susan Forest 
About the Contributors 
About the Editors 
Copyright Acknowledgements 
Appendix: Mental Health Resources

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Occupational Hazards eligible for Prix Aurora

My short story, Occupational Hazards, which was published in Neo-Opsis Magazine, Issue 25, May 2015, is eligible to be nominated for the Prix Aurora Award.

All you have to do is navigate to the Prix Aurora page here:  and navigate to the Short Fiction category, fill in the form and voila you're done.