In this her fifth book, Lorina Stephens presents a provocative anthology of speculative short fiction, from dystopia to utopia, written over the past 25 years. Some stories have appeared previously in publications such as On Spec and Sword & Sorceress X, while some make their debut.

And the Angels Sang is an anthology of short, speculative fiction stories author Lorina Stephens has penned over the course of twenty-five years. Some were previously published in periodicals or writers' workshops; all offer snapshots of the human condition. From the titular story of how a pious man perceives angels even as he suffers unspeakable torture and execution, to the devious negotiations of a "dragonslayer" who has more expertise at selling life insurance than wielding a sword, And the Angels Sang is a cornucopia of fractal glimpses into the mysterious, the fantastic, and surprises that lurk beneath the surface. Also highly recommended is Lorina Stephens' historical novel Shadow Song. - Midwest Book Review

Lorina Stephens has proven herself an engaging author. - The (Hanover) Post 

It is often the case with contemporary Canadian authors that they have a tendency to punctuate their novels with long, psychological dissertations on mundane subjects. It's as if they feel that each everyday occurrence is fraught with deep sociological undertones. Lorina Stephens, fortunately, is free of such meanderings. She has a good economy of words and each paragraph contains vital information. - Dan Pelton, Orangeville Citizen


Sylvio spent the past decade banished from Simare's court, stripped of land, ancestral home, and title - from Minister of National Security to back-country bowyer. But not any bowyer; Sylvio creates bows from laminations of wood and human bone, bows that are said to speak, bows known as the legendary arcossi.

And now, after a decade, he is called back to the capitol, summoned by his Prince whom he suspects is a patricide and insane. His very life is in danger and with it the country he has served through all his days.

From Mountains of Ice is a story of love, endurance, and the meaning of honour.

The life of a bowyer won't seem so bad. From Mountains of Ice tells the story of fallen noble Sylvio, as he returns to the courts of Simare and finds that he's being dragged into a world of murder and insanity. Set in an Italian renaissance inspired world, From Mountains of Ice is an entertaining and original fantasy from Lorina Stephens, highly recommended. - Midwest Book Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characterization, vocabulary, evident research and depth of portrayal of the human spirit place this author in high standing for this genre. My only disappointment was that these are entirely new characters and apparently a new writing direction for Lorina Stephens and she hasn't as yet done any others in this style. Upon finishing the book, I wanted to find one or two similar writings by her, but regrettably, there are none... Lorina, please grace us with another. - Amazon Review


Author Lorina Stephens offers three tender Christmas stories about Barbara Brown, from ages four through fifteen, set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, WWII, and the indigence of a fatherless home.

Based upon a true tragedy that occurred in the village of Hornings Mills, Ontario, Canada, Shadow Song is set amid the economic ruin that occurred to so many émigrés and British pensioned officers of the 1830s. It is full of psychological and cultural contrasts of two cultures at odds with one another, and an intimate familiarity with the geography of the novel, from the immigrants' miserable landing stage at Grosse Isle into the dark reaches of Lake Superior's North Shore.

...superior writing, backed by meticulous research and authentic characterization, elevates this cultural fantasy to candidate for Great Canadian Novel. - Robert Runte

Ms Stephens has given us a terrific novel, the blend of fantasy and fact is seamless. - Toni Osborne


Timeless recipes for the 21st century.

Stonehouse Cooks offers recipes, meal plans and strategies to bring nutrition, delicious food and fun into the kitchen and on to the table. Lorina Stephens examines the real food revolution from both a modern and historical perspective, and offers guidance not only for the kitchen, but the barbecue and open-fire cookery. A perfect companion to The Organic Home Garden, by Patrick Lima.


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